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Where Shall Wisdom be Found?

Old Testament

A Sermon on Job 28:12

“But where shall wisdom be found?
And where is the place of understanding? (ESV)

We are all on a constant mission for knowledge and information. What we do not realize is that this will not satisfy us! In this sermon from Job 28:12, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones teaches us that what we really need is wisdom and understanding. These are the things that teach us what to do with knowledge and information. As we look through the lens of Job in the Old Testament, The Doctor shows us that wisdom will give us true peace and quietness of heart, not knowledge. Job wanted to know why he had been so afflicted in his life, but he would not learn this; rather he would learn to come before the Lord as a child, knowing nothing, and he would receive wisdom. Do not strive after knowledge, but take wisdom from the Lord as a free gift. Acknowledge your inability and dwell as a child in God’s presence. That is where you will find true contentedness.