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Father; Glorify Your Name

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Book of John

A Sermon on John 12:23

And Jesus answered them, “The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified. (ESV)

There are many who want to observe Jesus, but few who will believe in Him. Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones explains the difference and shows how the glory of our salvation is revealed in the cross of Jesus Christ. The Greeks, just like so many today, only approached Jesus wanting to observe Him. They came with wrong motives and wrong reasons and like contemporary culture, but they do not desire to understand his teaching or follow his example. Like a curious child, they look upon his death with inquisitive eyes and investigative hearts. But, Jesus can only be known, loved and experienced by direct interaction with his death! The Doctor explains that at the heart of Christianity is the sacrifice of Christ in our place. One must face his death! The central mission, purpose and message of Jesus is found in his dying for there is not hope of salvation unless the seed falls into the ground and the Son of Man is lifted up before all men. It is his death on the cross that demonstrates the glory of salvation. Do you see the absolute necessity of the cross and his death in your life? Lloyd-Jones reveals from John 12:23 that the death of Christ on the cross reveals the glory of the Father and is the basis for Jesus prayer: “Father, glorify your name.”