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"Martyn Lloyd-Jones was one of God's special gifts to the church in the 20th century.  Through the work of the MLJ Trust, this gift is shared with us.  Thank God for this fine work."

- Pastor Mark Dever is the senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC .

"Over 40 years ago I was at Westminster Seminary in Philidelphia to hear British preacher Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones deliver his landmark series of lectures on preaching. He was a titan of Christian ministry then and it thrills me to see his influence accelerating today for the benefit of the church around the world." 

- Dr. R.C. Sproul was founder of Ligonier Ministries, first minister of preaching and teaching at Saint Andrew’s Chapel in Sanford, Fla., and the first president of Reformation Bible College. 

"I came to know Dr. Lloyd-Jones in the early 1950s. He was then at the height of his powers and labours and I was an unknown student for the ministry. Nonetheless he gave me time and counsel as generously as he did to countless other young men. Hundreds will never forget what his friendship meant to them. He was a truly self-effacing Christian who sought to live for the approval of God, and one could scarcely leave his presence without being moved by a like concern. Any moderation of fundamental truth in order to gain influence was anathema to him. Here he was stern and unbending. Yet he stressed love as an imperative for all witness, and on secondary issues no-one was a stronger believer in the need for Christian unity. He was a Calvinist not simply in belief but through and through. He saw mancentredness – whether in evangelism or in the theological scholarship approved by secular universities – as the root of modern evangelical weakness and he did not believe the churches would see a better day until they learned to "cease from man" (Isa. 2:22). Although trained in one of the highest schools of scientific learning, his life as a Christian depended on simple faith in the word of God, and he died, as he lived, magnifying the grace of God. We all loved him and thank God that in very many languages around the world today his ministry reaches far more than ever heard him preach." 

- Iain Murray served as an assistant to Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones at Westminster Chapel, and subsequently became the Minister of Grove Chapel, London, and St. Giles, Sydney. From 1955 (to 1987) he edited the Banner of Truth magazine.

"I regarded Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones with admiration and affection during the years that we were both preaching in London, so I am delighted that his unique ministry is to be more widely available in the United States." 

- John Stott was the former pastor of All Souls' church , Langham Place, London.

"There is very little great preaching today. Most of us are too bent on being good communicators to be good preachers. We are too clever and too funny. What a gift, therefore, to be confronted and comforted again and again with the preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones. I think preachers need to hear this kind of preaching as a partial antidote to the relentless trivializing of preaching in our day." 

- John Piper is founder and teacher of , and chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary. For 33 years, he served as pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

"Martyn Lloyd-Jones was not the only faithful preacher of the gospel in the mid-twentieth-century Western world, but the sense of spiritual reality--of God, of sin, of grace, of Christ, of the individual in the hands of God-that he conveyed by the way he said things in his expositions was unique to himself, and very, very powerful. And much of this still comes through as we encounter his recorded and transcribed sermons. So the work of the MLJ Trust, which maintains the ministry of 'The Doctor' via modern electronics, is something for which to be profoundly thankful." 

- Dr. James I. Packer was a Professor of Theology at  Regent College  in Vancouver, British Columbia.

"D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones was without question the finest biblical expositor of the 20th century. In fact, when the final chapter of church history is written, I believe the Doctor will stand as one of the greatest preachers of all time. His style of biblical exposition was meticulously thorough and yet full of energy. "Logic on fire," was his famous description of preaching, and he had an amazing gift for blending passion and precision in copious measures. He influenced countless preachers (myself included), and he stood steadfastly against the superficial, entertainment-oriented approach to preaching that seemed to dominate the evangelical world then as it does now. Lloyd-Jones still desperately needs to be heard today, and I am profoundly grateful for the work the MLJ Trust is doing to keep his voice alive." 

- Dr. John F. MacArthur, Jr. is the Pastor-Teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California.

"Martyn Lloyd-Jones was one of the titanic figures of twentieth-century Christianity. What now sets him apart is the fact that his writings, sermons, and other messages are even more influential now, more than two decades after his death, than when he engaged such a massive ministry at Westminster Chapel and beyond. Why? I think the answer is simple - his profound commitment to biblical exposition and the great skill with which he preached and taught the Word of God. In an age when so many preachers seem so unsure of what preaching is, in Martyn Lloyd-Jones we find a minister that leaves no doubt. I am so very thankful for the ministry of the Martyn Lloyd-Jones Trust." 

- Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr. is the President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary . (See also Dr. Mohler's comment about MLJ's teaching on the Authority of Scripture .)

"From my student days onwards Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones was a preacher whom I loved to hear for the sheer quality of his biblical expositions and his stance for evangelical Christianity. It is good to know that efforts are being made to introduce him to a new generation in North America." 

- Dr. I. Howard Marshall  was a world-renowned New Testament scholar and the author. He taught New Testament at the  University of Aberdeen.

"Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones was one of the great preachers of a previous generation who rooted his message in God's Word. For those wondering how the Word applies to life or seeking textually rooted preaching, his ministry provides a solid model. His books and messages are worth pondering. His messages encourage us to faithfulness. That is commendation enough." 

- Dr. Darrell L. Bock is the research professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary.

"Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones was one of the greatest preachers of the twentieth century in the English speaking world. In some ways he was a maverick: he had no concern to observe homiletical rules and political correctness. He did expound Scripture powerfully—chapter after chapter, enabling his hearers to feel the massive weight of every topic with which he was concerned. Add to this a rare unction—an old Puritan word that needs to be restored to our vocabulary—and you begin to understand why his influence reached as far as it did. Every time I listened to him I came away richly conscious that I had met with the living God. Here are sermons which, while picking away at individual texts, maintain a clear connection with the gospel that runs right through the whole of the Bible. It is a pleasure to commend these sermons to a new generation of hearers."

- Dr. Donald Carson is research professor of the New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School , which is based in Deerfield, Illinois.

"The preaching and subsequent writing of Martyn Lloyd-Jones have been and continue to be a huge source of inspiration in my own life and ministry.  I am delighted to endorse the ministry of the MLJ Trust." 

- Pastor Alistair Begg is the senior pastor of Cleveland's Parkside Church.

"Dr Lloyd-Jones' preaching was based on deep reading and scholarship, yet it was accessible to everyone. It was close, instructive Bible exposition, yet it stirred the affections and changed the heart. It was highly effective at a city-center in a secularizing society, but it has had broad, world-wide appeal. The Doctor's preaching ministry is, I believe, unique in the English speaking world during the last 100 years." 

- Pastor Timothy Keller  was the founding pastor of  Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, co-founder of Redeemer City to City.