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The MLJ Board, from left to right, Jonathan Catherwood, Russ Rice, Lane Dennis and David Lovi.

Check below for information on Board Members actively promoting the Martyn Lloyd-Jones Ministry in the United States.  Questions?  Please contact us at info@mljtrust.org  

Jonathan F. Catherwood

Board member since: 2007
Occupation: Managing Director, Woodville Hall Capital
Reason for being drawn to the MLJ Ministry
: I had the good fortune to be the grandson of Martyn Lloyd-Jones in addition to being a student of his ministry.  Our family is overjoyed that his ministry lives on decades after his being taken to glory, and that the Lord continues to use his sermons and books to advance the cause of His gospel.  We hope that God will bless the work of the MLJ Trust and allow us to promulgate his ministry further in the United States, a country my grandfather loved and visited often.

Lane T. Dennis

Board member since: 2007
Occupation: President of Good News Publishers and Crossway Books and Bibles.
Reason for being drawn to MLJ ministry: I had heard about the Dr. Lloyd-Jones remarkable ministry probably as early as my teenage years in the late 1950's.  Then in the mid 1980's it became our great privilege at Crossway to begin to publish many of Dr. Lloyd-Jones books.  Today Crossway has more than two dozen Lloyd-Jones titles in print, with more on the way.  It is a rich and rewarding privilege to publish Lloyd-Jones work, and Ebeth and I are always reading something by him much to our benefit!

Russ Rice

Board member since: 2007
Occupation: President, Coram Deo Studios
Reason for being drawn to MLJ ministry: The Doctor has had a profound affect on my life as God has used his sermons and books as instruments in my sanctification.  It is amazing that during the Doctor's life he was just being a faithful servant of our Lord and probably never realized the impact he would have on our world for Christ.  It is a humbling privilege to come along side of the other board members and have a common goal of seeing people come to a true knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and to see those that are brothers and sisters in the Lord growing in His Grace as God continues to use Martyn Lloyd-Jones teaching still today.

David Lovi

Board member since: 2007
Occupation: Senior Pastor at Crossview Church in Antioch, Illinois
Reason for being drawn to MLJ ministry:  I first came to love and admire the teaching of Dr. Lloyd Jones because a friend of mine loaned me a book of the Doctor's called "The Cross."  Other than the Bible, of course, it is the most profound book I have ever read.  I subsequently devoured all of the sermons and books I could get my hands on from Martyn Lloyd-Jones.  It is my honor and pleasure to be a part of MLJ Trust, and I hope that others will join us and support us in promoting the Doctor's ministry in the United States.