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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the MLJ Trust an endowed Trust?

No. This is a common misconception. Although the term ‘Trust’ might lead some to believe that the MLJ Trust is an endowed trust, this term is used in the UK to state that the Trust is a non-profit organization. The MLJ Trust does not live off the interest of an old endowment; rather, the Trust ‘lives or dies’ by the donations we receive from our listeners.

Do you have transcripts of the sermons?

At the MLJ Trust we only have the rights to the audio versions of the sermons. The rights to the text are held by various publishers like Banner of Truth and Crossway. The good news is that many of Dr Lloyd-Jones's books are sermon collections, and his major series are all still in print and available most economically through Amazon books. That does involve a cost, however, and so please remember that you can always listen to those same sermons on our website as many times as you would like for free."

I keep getting prompted to create an account. Why do I need an account?

We've worked hard to provide the best experience possible to navigate the library. Many of our new features are designed to provide a personalized experience with things such as:

  • Listen history
  • A personal queue
  • Custom playlists

By signing up, you will also have shared history across the website and the mobile app when the new version is released.

Why don't you use the KJV in the sermon descriptions and weekly emails?

Dr Lloyd-Jones felt that the King James version was the best overall translation of the Bible of his day, and it was the version he used for his private devotions. Having said that, as the KJ translation was made over 1,500 years after the Apostolic era in Christian history, he did not feel one should attribute infallibility to any translation, and so to prepare for his sermons he would examine (and share with his congregation) different translations of the verses he was covering (but only those translations that are in the Reformed Evangelical tradition), and sometimes (as in his series in Ephesians 2 on "fitly framed together") he thought that other translations were better (but not often!).
The reason we use the ESV version for the sermon descriptions and weekly emails is simply because it is currently the most widely read Evangelical version.

I want to download a single sermon. What is the best way to do this?

From the topic page (Romans for instance) select "Download" from the sermon's 3-dot menu. In list mode see the "Download Sermon" link on the right side. From the sermon page (eg. A Man Called Paul) select the "Download Sermon" link to the right of the "Play Sermon" option.

What should I do if I want to download a group of sermons?

In order to download multiple sermons at once, create a playlist (free account required) and use the download option to trigger a bulk download.

My download email didn’t arrive. What should I do?

  1. Check your spam filter. This may or may not be the same folder as your Junk Mail folder.
  2. Wait up to 5-10 minutes as the zipping process can take time

How do I download a sermon directly to my iOS device (iPod, iPhone, iPad)?

According to Apple, a documented limitation of iOS is that it will not allow a user to download an MP3 file directly to the device. Therefore, we recommend that you use the mobile app or one of the podcasting platforms supported (see links in the sidebar). Alternatively, you may be able to add sermons via iTunes and sync them to your device.

Please note: We do not support all the possible devices available. For specific support for your device, please see your manufacturer instructions.

Can you tell me more about Dr. Lloyd-Jones?

David Martyn Lloyd-Jones (20 December 1899-1 March 1981) was a Welsh Protestant minister, preacher and medical doctor who was influential in the Reformed wing of evangelicalism in the 20th century. For almost 30 years, he was the minister of Westminster Chapel in London.

Lloyd-Jones was well known for his style of expository preaching, and the Sunday morning and evening meetings at which he officiated drew crowds of several thousand, as did his Friday evening Bible studies.

Lloyd-Jones preached for the last time on 8 June 1980 at Barcombe Baptist Chapel. After a lifetime of work, he died peacefully in his sleep at Ealing on 1 March 1981.

Since his death, there have been various publications regarding Lloyd-Jones and his work, most popularly a biography in two volumes by Iain Murray.

To read more about Dr. Lloyd-Jones, watch an interview with him and watch a brief documentary on his life, please visit the about page.

Where can I learn more about the music at Westminster Chapel?

The hymnal used at Westminster Chapel was called "Congregational Praise".

Where is my end of year contribution receipt?

Our partner, "Network for Good", does not send out an end of year tax receipt, but does send out an individual tax receipt after every single donation. As such, you should have received the receipts during the past year. If you need further assistance with this, please reach out to Network for Good.

How can I view or search by sermon date?

Sermons currently aren't stored by date (though we plan to add that capability in the near future). In the meantime you can reference the sermon index and then locate by title or catalog number.