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More than Conquerors

Romans 8:35-39

The truthfulness of the doctrine of final perseverance of the saints bumps up against several challenges and the apostle Paul addresses these in Romans 8. In this sermon “More Than Conquerors” on Romans 8:35–39, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones explains that perhaps most troubling thought for the Christian is that they might fail under the scrutiny of intense persecution or temptation. How shall they persevere under such tribulation? Can they separate themselves from the love of Christ? What will keep them? The apostle Paul takes up this challenge to the doctrine of the final perseverance of the saints and gives the proof that true believers will remain in the love of Christ until the end. Dr. Lloyd-Jones brings out the nuance of the apostle’s teaching in this passage and notes the efficacy of Christ’s death and ultimately what He sought to accomplish on the cross. Important for Dr. Lloyd-Jones is the meaning of “the love of Christ.” It is His love for His people, not their love for Him that keeps them in the end. The apostle Paul, says Dr. Lloyd-Jones, was absolutely certain of this doctrine because he believes in God and the power of Christ’s love. If the Christian doubts the truth that one whom God starts saving could subsequently be lost, it would mean that God has been defeated. Dr. Lloyd-Jones calls the listener to no longer think according to feeble doubts, but to think Scripturally and according to the power of God.

Applying the Principles

Romans 8:28-30

Interpretive principles are not only necessary for proper handling of sacred Scripture, but all who engage the biblical text operate with principles of interpretation. The question is whether they are good interpretive principles or bad ones. In this sermon on Romans 8:28–30 titled “Applying the Principles,” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones has provided Christians with principles of interpretation that have proven the test of time within the church. In a previous sermon, he faithfully outlined principles such as looking at Scripture alone, interpreting Scripture with Scripture, and interpreting the more difficult text in light of the unambiguous passages on doctrine. While he has applied these principles throughout his preaching ministry, he pointedly draws upon them in this sermon in order to model an appropriate handling of Scripture for Christians. Moreover, Dr. Lloyd-Jones applies these interpretive principles in the context of one of the most contested doctrines in the Christian church: the perseverance of the saints. There are those who teach that a true believer – one born again by the Holy Spirit – can genuinely commit apostasy, meaning that they fall away from their faith. This position has established itself though considerable “proof texts” which Dr. Lloyd-Jones faithfully engages as he continues his number of sermons on Romans 8:28–30. Listen as he models and demonstrates charitable engagement with those with whom he disagrees and how he applies interpretive principles in his reading of Scripture.

Eternally Secure (2)

Romans 8:28-30

In this sermon on Romans 8:28–30 titled “Eternally Secure (2),” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones continues to press the issue of the final perseverance of the saints by examining the flaws exegetically and theologically. He even questions, what if his opponents are correct? What if a regenerated, born-again Christian finally did go to perdition and fell away from their position “in Christ”? Are there any negative implications for this apostasy position? Dr. Lloyd-Jones carefully and consistently works out the meaning of his opponent's position with regards to the ultimate purpose of salvation itself. While Dr. Lloyd-Jones’s opponents would rightly affirm that salvation is about forgiveness of sin and they can now go to heaven, he suggests that is not the ultimate purpose of salvation. The main purpose of salvation is the glory of God, the vindication of His glory, and the sovereignty of the character of God. This ultimate purpose, says Dr. Lloyd-Jones, changes everything, namely the assurance of the outcome of God’s glory. Moreover, there are opportunities for pride as those who deny the final perseverance of the saints are forced to deny that it is ultimately God who causes endurance until the end, and instead must affirm that there is some quality inside those who are received into glory that is different from those who fall away. There is great comfort in knowing that the God who began the believer’s salvation will truly see it completed to the end. Listen as Dr. Lloyd-Jones encourages believers in the great truth of eternal security.