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Ephesians 6:10-13

In Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ sermon on Ephesians 6:10-13, he visits the topic of sanctification. Specifically, how our relationship is to God in our lifelong journey of sanctification. To begin, Dr. Lloyd-Jones explains how justification is unrelated to sanctification. We can do nothing to be justified. Our justification is completely up to God. However, in the case of sanctification, we have a job to do. It is our activity. Dr. Lloyd-Jones states that unlike justification, sanctification is a continual process in which we must realize our need for salvation, listen to God’s commandments, and follow them. The first process of realizing our need for salvation happens only once; however, we must strive for the rest of our lives to live faithfully, according to God’s commandments. But, how can we live such a life? Well, Dr. Lloyd-Jones provides key tips on how we can stay strong in obedience to God. He first states that to do so, we must practice it. Often, a Christian will be to intimidated to act on their faith and will simply back away from opportunities to obey God’s commandments, but the truth is that if we simply attempt to take action, God will grant us the strength to do it. Dr. Lloyd-Jones gives the example of Peter walking on water or Moses making water flow from a rock. Neither of these men had the power to do such things, but they took action regardless, and because they took action, God granted them the power to accomplish their tasks. As Christians in the process of sanctification, we cannot stand by and think that God will do everything for us. No, we must do things. God’s work on earth is done by works and enabled by the spirit. Dr. Lloyd-Jones states, “Use the means that are available, but put your confidence in God.” The great puritan leader, Oliver Cromwell, knew this when he told his men, “Trust in God and keep your [gun]powder dry.” Whenever doubt crowds our minds and threatens to quench the holy fire inside of us, we must go ahead with action, all the while remembering that we can do all things through Christ. Dr. Lloyd-Jones concludes his sermon saying, “Whatever we may be facing, we must remember that Christ is with us and that nothing can separate us from the love of God.”