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Him Shall Ye Hear

Book of Acts

A Sermon on Acts 7:37

This is the Moses who said to the Israelites, ‘God will raise up for you a prophet like me from your brothers.’ (ESV)

What is the reason for life? Why do we exist? This important question is addressed in this critical sermon by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones in Acts 7:37. Many of the world’s greatest thinkers, scientists, poets, and philosophers have offered answers that end up being elusive and obscure. Regardless of their education or pedigree, they do not seem to ever get any closer to comprehending the truth. Even in modern times, with all the advancements in science and technology, all the educational institutions and centers of learning, men simply are not any closer to arriving at the truth. However, the reason for this repeated failure is quite simple: men do not listen to God. Dr. Lloyd-Jones goes on to explain that God is a God who speaks to us in his Word, just as he did long through the prophets and the apostles. But most importantly of all, he speaks in his Son, Jesus Christ. It is Jesus Christ that the world and sinful men reject. They simply do not believe that he has any authority that should be obeyed. But God has declared Jesus to be the ruler and Savior of the whole world. All wisdom is contained in Christ, and all things were made for Christ. So, when men reject Christ, they abandon all hope of ever truly understanding the world and themselves.