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When First You Believe

A Sermon on Acts 9:6

But rise and enter the city, and you will be told what you are to do.” (ESV)

The world wants salvation in addition to the current way of life. It wants to remain in sin while enjoying the hope of heaven. Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones despels this myth by confronting the cold heart that hears of Christ's work on the cross yet remains emotionally unmoved, entrenched in sin. Salvation involves a grief over our sin that demands our immediate, eternal separation for God in hell. True conversion requires the conviction of the heart and mind over the grief of our sin, the guilt that we cannot escape and results in a triumphant faith that fears sin because of the price paid by our Savior. The saving truth of the gospel changes everything and leaves us with joyful praise from a new heart overflowing with the love of God. The proof of savlation flows in obedience to His Word and passionate affection from our King.