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It is God Who Acts

Old Testament

A Sermon on Exodus 3:3

And Moses said, “I will turn aside to see this great sight, why the bush is not burned.” (ESV)

Do you turn to God only when you are disturbed by your experience? Inquiring only to satisfy your curiosity? This is what Moses did at the burning bush, but God arrested Moses’ cares and attention. In this sermon from Exodus 3:3, Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones addresses this fatally casual approach to God. Often times, Lloyd-Jones states, we address God out of exhaustion or need. He corrects this saying we must always begin with God. He is the root of all things! What a transformation that would take place if we applied God to our experience rather than appealing our experiences to God. Indeed, The Doctor shows us that the main business of Christianity is Christ’s death on the cross bringing us face to face with God. God is so pure that he cannot look upon sin, but because of salvation we can enter his presence. Not only this, but God’s plan for salvation is certain, as we see in this passage. He sees our sorrows and acts like he did for the Israelites. Turn to God in full attention to him. His purposes are good and he has cared for our greatest need so that we might dwell in his presence rather than address him only when we must.