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A Child of God in Christ

What is regeneration, and how do we know if it has taken place in our lives? These are the key questions that Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones tackles as he leads us through key passages in 1 John and Galatians. Lloyd-Jones systematically shows us how salvation is proven in the life of a believer. Regeneration occurs when God implants spiritual life into people. Authentic regeneration proves itself in those who are living under the Lordship of Jesus Christ as they outwardly demonstrate His holiness. But what does it look like? A genuine believer will pass the tests of love other believers, conviction over sin, desire for spiritual things. No one can produce this on their own! Regeneration is union with Christ! As Jesus taught in the gospels, a believer’s relationship with Him is similar to the interaction of a vine and its branches— just as a branch cannot thrive or survive without the support from the vine, change in the life of a believer cannot take place apart from that person’s union with Christ.