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Adoption. We see it all around us in the world today. A beautiful picture of selflessness and strong protecting the vulnerable. To be a Christian means to be adopted into God’s family! Christians are chosen by God and brought into His family through no righteousness of their own. Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones takes us through Scripture, explaining how God transfers us from a children of wrath to His family as sons and daugthers. Christians have been freed from sin's bondage and are grafted into God’s eternal family. Some teachers have claimed this to be of no effect by supporting a universal fatherhood of God and universal brotherhood of all people— yet, as Dr. Lloyd-Jones proves, that view is unbiblical. Similar to physical adoption, spiritual adoption has beneficial consequences for the believer: namely, release from a spirit of bondage and fear into a spirit of liberty, unhindered access to our Father, and God’s present protection, consolation, perfect provision for our every need and the promise of a future inheritance.