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Baptism and Filling

What does it mean to be baptized by the Holy Spirit? This phrase is often misunderstood by many Christians, and Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones takes this sermon to bring clarity to this topic. Many people will say that baptism of the Holy Spirit is the same as salvation. Yet, this implies that the apostles were not saved until Pentecost since that is when the Spirit came on them! No, the phrase must mean something else. The Doctor defines the baptism of the Holy Spirit as the initial experience of the glory, reality and love of the Father. Can one be filled with the Spirit repeatedly? Lloyd-Jones presents his argument for why he believes this to be the case and why it is the source of power and ability for the believer in Christian service and witnessing. This filling, he says, differentiates an advocate from a witness. The Doctor closes out by offering Scripture’s perspective on how to determine if someone is truly filled with the Spirit, and he establishes a foundational principle—revival is the pouring out of God’s spirit, and more than anything, that is needed in order to turn our countries back to Him. Christians have a biblical responsibility to pray for this.