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What is the purpose of baptism? Why did Jesus teach us to baptize after someone is saved? In this second sermon in his sacrament series, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones takes us through a topic sometimes debated even amongst believers. Baptism’s meaning, he says, is a outward illustration of the inward cleansing from the pollution of sin. It’s purpose is not to cleanse us from sin and regenerate us because that would mean that people are saved through the work of baptism, something that Scripture clearly denies. So, what does it accomplish? Baptism serves as a sign and seal of one’s justification and remission of sins. And yet, says The Doctor, not everyone is eligible to be baptized. This teaching runs counter to the Catholic teaching on baptism. What about infant baptism? Should babies be baptized? Running through a list of arguments for and against infant baptism, Lloyd-Jones shows from Scripture that this practice is not biblical since the Bible encourages only believers to be baptized. He also touches on another hot-button topic: should baptism only be full-immersion, or is sprinkling acceptable? He provides the historical and scriptural background for immersion and sprinkling, and aids the listener in coming to a biblically supported position on the issue— a position that might surprise some!