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Christ the King

Christians tend to only think of the atonement of Christ's death for sin. However, as Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones reminds us in this sermon, there are many aspects of God’s creation which are affected by the death of Christ. We must not think forgiveness of sin is the only benefit from the atonement. Even the Lord Jesus Christ himself has been affected by his work on the cross. What are we to make of these things? Lloyd-Jones surveys the Scripture in order to show how common benefits or common grace comes to humanity as a consequence of the Lord Jesus Christ’s death. Listen as he preaches on the blessings unbelievers and angels receive as a result of the atoning work of Christ. Hear as Lloyd-Jones considers the special and new glory the Lord Jesus Christ receives in the incarnation. It is only as a result of his obedient death on the cross that he receives this peculiar glory. Finally, as we witness the crucifixion we learn about Christ’s mediatorial kingship and what it means for the church as he rules and reigns over her.