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False converts are more common than one might think! True conversion is an act of God upon the human heart. But what exactly are characteristics of a true conversion? In this sermon on salvation, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones tackles these questions, showing how conversion is the first exercise of the new nature in ceasing from old forms of life and starting a new life. It is the moment at which one passes from spiritual death to eternal life in Christ. Imposters throughout church history claim to accept Jesus and then turn from Him after a period of time. As The Doctor points out, it is entirely possible to undergo a counterfeit, temporary conversion if one submits to a false gospel based on feelings or experiences. “Yet,” Lloyd-Jones notes, “the defense of the Christian faith must not rest on something we experience, but on its objectivity.” True salvation is not based on whimsical feelings but on two essentail factors of salvation. Believers are less concerned with personal experiences and emotions, and instead yearn to know God Himself.