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Further Reflections on the Baptism of the Spirit

Are you confused about the role your emotions and experiences should play in our faith? Is doctrine the only way through which we learn about God? In this sermon, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones gives further thoughts and Scriptural exposition on the baptism of the Holy Spirit and on why it is a mistake to rely too much on either experiences or doctrine when thinking through this aspect of Christian faith. By pointing us to the examples of Jesus’ disciples, The Doctor reminds us that Scripture presents instances of people who believed in Jesus Christ and were saved, yet had not been baptized or filled with the Holy Spirit. The evidence is added to by the fact that several well-known, established Christians have gone decades in some cases before being filled with the Spirit— this list includes men like Jonathan Edwards and D.L. Moody. Have you battled this tension between emotion and logic in your faith? Lloyd-Jones reminds us that this baptism is available to all Christians, but that many of us are afraid of being overly-emotional that we have cut out all emotion from our walk with Christ. This, he implores us, is an error that is not Scriptural in the least! Those who believe in Christ have received eternal life as a gift— what could possibly cause more joy than that realization? Listen as The Doctor unwraps what this means for our lives.