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God's Enemies Destroyed

The spiritual conflict we experience as Christians is much deeper than merely a battle against people. As Paul reminds us, we are battling against spiritual enemies. In this sermon, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones teaches from Revelation on this spiritual warfare as it is written about in this last book of the New Testament. Who are the antagonists behind the opposition of men and women? The Doctor identifies these as the Devil, the secular powers and governments of the earth, false religion, and the seductive power of worldliness. Over and over throughout Scripture, Christians are warned against being lured by the pleasures and promises of the world. The Doctor says that when all attempts fail, Satan leans heavily on this to cause Christians to fall. However, even though God gives us descriptions of our enemies, how marvelous it is that in Revelation He shows us the details of our triumphs! The essence of our comfort is that we as Christians ultimately have no need to fear. God promises that these antagonists will be judged. How will this happen? Lloyd-Jones guides the listener through these questions and more, reminding us that this final judgment is not partial and just a warning— it is final and total.