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God's Plan for the Jews

The world will one day end. It's more than a movie plot, it is God's plan! But what happens? Will all of Israel be saved? Will Jesus come at any time, or are there signs that will precede His coming? Beginning with a warning against dogmatism, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones warns the listener against being overly-dogmatic on views of the end times since Scripture itself is so vague about what specifically will happen. Many of the passages and books in the Bible regarding the End Times and the Second Coming of Jesus can be extremely confusing, and Paul’s statement in Romans 11:26 that “all Israel will be saved” definitely falls into such a category. How should we as Christians approach this verse and God’s plan for the Jews? The Doctor takes the listener through three main views regarding this verse and gracefully demonstrates from Scripture which view is the closest aligned biblically, centering his argument around another of Paul’s verses where he writes that there is a spiritual Israel distinct from those who are Israelites by blood. In other words, God’s promises here are referring to His spiritual Israel, those who are God’s people and thus Israelites by heart. Lloyd-Jones tackles this subject and more in this helpful sermon regarding the Jews and the promises made to them.