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Redemption: The Eternal Plan of God

Before the creation of the world, before the beginning of time, God had a plan to redeem the world. Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones boldly proclaims the truth of God's eternal design for the work of Christ. Before the foundations of the earth, God the Father in His sovereign plan chose to predestine a people through the atoning work of his Son, Christ Jesus. Though man is fallen and in sin, God through Christ, works to bring about not only a new people, but a new creation. Where Adam fails to keep the covenant of works with God, Christ the new Adam accomplished redemption for man through the incarnation and through his atoning work on the cross. This salvation is planned by the Father, acquired in Christ, and applied by the Spirit. Therefore, salvation is the work of God alone. This is the message of the Old and New Testaments, and it is revealed to God's people through God's word. This salvation is not the work of man, nor is it an afterthought in the mind of God, but redemption is the plan of history from before the world began. The eternal covenant between the Father and Son is the plan, and by the work of Christ it is brought about for us.