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What seperates true repentance from worldly remorse? Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones addresses the incredible weight of these topics that seperate eternal life from death. Repentance is a turning from sin to Christ. It is a genuine regret and full confession of our sin. But how does it differ from worldly remorse? The Doctor carefully explains that while repentance involves feelings of anguish and guilty remorse, it is repentance that results in a change of mind. Wordly remorse will cry, but not forsake and turn away from sinful activities. The gospel message we proclaim must call others to submit their life to Christ, not just feel bad about their sin. Only once we have been saved can we come to know the joy of discipelship, forgiveness and move forward in exemplary Christian living. For our gospel message to be believeable, the world must see our transformed lives, lives redeemed from eternal death.