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Sanctification - God's Work and Ours

Does a Christian ever stop sinning? Is sanctification an experience over a lifetime? Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones tackles these issues and more in this sermon on the Holy Spirit’s work in the life of a believer. Sanctification is the process by which Christians are changed to be more like Jesus Christ. This begins at the moment of salvation and though we are set apart from the world, The Doctor shows from Scripture that sanctification is not a one-time experience or event. The New Testament authors frequently implore readers to fight sin and to avoid unrighteousness. This unmistakably shows that though Christians are saved from their sin, they are not saved out of it, and that becoming like Christ is a process that takes time. What about experiences of radical and sudden transformation that some believers claim to have had? Martin Lloyd-Jones argues that such transformations have nothing to do with Christianity alone— while such experiences can promote and aid sanctification, they are not sanctification themselves because they are experienced by many others who adhere to different worldviews.