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Sanctification in Romans 6 to 8

What is the believer’s relationship to sin? In this sermon, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones addresses this topic, saying “It is impossible for a Christian to remain in continual sin due to sanctification.” This is a freeing truth! From the moment of conversion, the Spirit of Life dwells in us, and we cannot be subject to the carnal! Moreover, this is a promise for all Christians, not just a blessing that some receive and others don’t. And yet, the struggle against sin is still a daily battle for followers of Christ. How do we make sense of this? To help us better understand, The Doctor helps us understand that from the moment of salvation, Christians are dead to sin since they have been united with Christ and His life. Our spirits are alive to Christ, yet our bodies are still under the bondage and dominion of sin. Are you discouraged that you will not be able to fight sin? Lloyd-Jones offers some encouraging wisdom, imploring us to go to Scripture and remember the Lord’s promise to be with those who seek Him. We are called to fight sin, and with the help of the Holy Spirit living in each believer, we can overcome it.