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Sanctification - the Different Views

Every Christian still battles with sin. But how should Christians approach this issue? The doctrine of sanctification is filled with hope, and in this sermon Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones guides us through the different views of this doctrine. Sanctification means to be set apart for God and His service, to be made holy. Though it doesn’t remove sin from our lives, it is the process by which the Holy Spirit removes the pollution of that sin and shifts our desire from disobedience to God-honoring behavior. How long does sanctification take, and when in a person’s spiritual journey does it take place? Lloyd-Jones walks through the various perspectives and aids the believer in reaching a biblical understanding of the answers. Some Christians have asked, “Why does it matter to study a doctrine that doesn’t determine where someone will spend eternity?” If you have similar thoughts, this message is for you! The Doctor explains that as Christians, it is our duty to search for the truth in all areas of life and study. Without knowing the truth, believers can become vulnerable to believing false doctrine and fall prey to heresies. Studying truth helps believers to avoid this, and it aids in growing them closer to Christ. Praise God that He does not abandon us after saving us, but rather, actively molds us into the image of His Son, Jesus Christ!