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Saving Faith

"Without faith, it is impossible to please God." The author of Hebrews 11 is clear, the path to pleasing God is paved by saving faith. Faith is the channel through which salvation in Jesus Christ is given to a believer. What exactly is faith? Is there a place for reason? This timeless sermon from Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones analyzes the two elements of saving faith through the lens of Scripture: an assent to the truth of Christianity, and a firm commitment to living it out. As The Doctor explains, the latter is needed to understanding Jesus’ teachings on a life of full surrender. Though faith involves the mind and intellect, it also involves the heart. Additionally, Dr. Lloyd-Jones presents the case for why faith and reason are not at odds with each other, as is commonly claimed today by secularists. Though reason can lead us to many conclusions about God and His Word, it can only take us so far— belief in Christ and not our works or our mental assent is needed. Nothing, nothing else in this world will satisfy.