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The Doctrine of The Church

Why is the church so important? Is it really necessary for our personal walks with Christ? Many Christians throughout history have minimized the church and it continues today. Is the kingdom of God the same thing as the church? According to Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, most of our problems flow from not taking the church seriously! The answers start by learning how “church” is used in Scripture. Lloyd-Jones explains the church is a visible expression of the kingdom of God, yet it is not the kingdom in all its fullness. All Christians are part of the worldwide church. It is impossible, says The Doctor, to be a Christian and not be part of the global church. Church, in Scripture almost always refers to a local body of believers, and it means “called out ones." But not everything that calls itself a church, is truly a redeemed congregation. It is these individual bodies and individual Christians all over the world that make up the global church. Christians have been called out of the world into the global church and kingdom of God, and this has massive consequences for our lives! Listen as Lloyd-Jones helps us understand how to live as an important part of the church and why this is important.