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The Fall

Suffering and pain surround us and in many cases engulf us. According to Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones this is explained in what God’s Word says about the fall and sin. Contrary to many erroneous views of the day, sin and evil are not eternal principles, nor is sin simply the lack of good, but sin and evil are the result of man’s willing rebellion against God. This rebellion brought sin into a perfect world. The Bible gives us this story in the first chapters of Genesis in which the serpent deceives man and lures him into temptation. This is not simply a myth used to illustrate man’s fall into sin, but it is God’s revelation of a true historical event. Man, in the original state had no natural desire to sin, but sin enters from outside through the temptation of Satan. This fall did not change the essence of man, but it changed his relationship with God. Now that man has fallen he is estranged from the fellowship of God, he has lost his original righteousness, and his nature has been utterly corrupted. This is why man and the world are in such a dire need for the Savior, Jesus Christ