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The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

What are spiritual gifts? Have you ever wondered if you had a spiritual gift, and if so, what it was? In this sermon, Martyn Lloyd-Jones takes the listener through this topic as he preaches on Scripture’s teachings regarding spiritual gifts. These are extraordinary powers that separate Christians from one another and enable them to serve effectively in different ways across the church. Spiritual gifts are not a blessing that some Christians receive— they are promised to all believers. Have you thought that perhaps the ability of one’s gift was related to its possessor’s spiritual maturity? You are not alone! The Doctor takes great pains to dispel this myth and to show that not only do the gifts differ widely from each other, but that they are not determined by the level of one’s spirituality. Theologians for centuries have argued over which gifts were only for the early church, which gifts exist in the church across its existence and even if any spiritual gifts are still in existence today. Lloyd-Jones provides a helpful commentary and discussion on these questions, showing the difference between natural gifts and supernatural gifts. What about the unforgivable sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit? Listen carefully as he unwraps this and more in this extremely helpful sermon on the Holy Spirit.