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The Interpretation of Daniel 9

When will Jesus return? Daniel 9 is vital to Christians’ understanding of events. However, due to its difficult nature, many Christians interpret it incorrectly or stay away from it all-together. Yet, God placed it in His Word for a reason. Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, in this sermon, begins with a reminder of the godly men who have disagreed widely on interpretation regarding passages like Daniel 9, encouraging the listener to avoid being overly dogmatic regarding the subject. Regardless of opinion, Daniel 9 is about what God has determined regarding a chosen people. One of the most well known sections in this chapter refer to “70 weeks,” a timeline regarding when the events at the end of time will happen. Are these literal weeks? If not, what do they represent? Why are they divided up, and are we leaving in the midst of them? Lloyd-Jones makes his argument for which period he believes we are living in, as well as identifying the purposes these “weeks” serve. If you have ever been confused about how to understand Daniel 9 and how it affects you as a Christian, this sermon will be of great benefit to you!