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The Lord's Supper

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones concludes his series on the sacraments with this message, focusing specifically on communion. Like baptism, communion is a sign to the recipient of God’s work in him, and also a reminder of the seal of the Holy Spirit living in him or her. However communion is uniquely vivid in signifiying the Lord’s death in the breaking of the bread and pouring out of the wine. As with the water for baptism, Catholics believe that God’s grace is actually in the bread and juice of communion, an idea called transubstantiation, the false thinking that the bread and wine are transformed into the body and blood of Jesus. The Doctor takes the listener through the arguments for and against this, showing that it is a completely unbiblical idea. Who is able to take communion? As with baptism, Lloyd-Jones demonstrates from Scripture that communion is only for those who are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. Listen to this sermon if you have or are currently thinking through the purpose of communion and what it is and is not!