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The Sealing and the Earnest

Can you ever loose your salvation? What does it mean to be sealed by the Holy Spirit? This term of “being sealed” is used three times in Scripture. Throughout history, seals have been used to certify, authenticate and demonstrate ownership over something. It also provides an element of security. How does this concept of a seal relate to the life of a Christian? Those who are followers of Jesus Christ have been sealed by the Holy Spirit, who acts as a certificate and authenticator that He lives in us and of our submission to God’s purpose and plan! To be sealed by the Holy Spirit also means to have the security of belonging to Christ and we have an eternal inheritance. He has sealed you, and thus you are secured as His possession. Part of this security, Martyn Lloyd-Jones explains, is the Spirit being an advance of the promise to be given in full at a later time. What does this mean? This advance of the Holy Spirit is a pledge given by God that He will give us the rest of our inheritance to us when we go to live with Him. Though we can be sealed by the Holy Spirit, we can still grieve Him, as The Doctor duly notes, to avoid this, we must be willing to live our lives in a way that gives full control to God and runs from sin!