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The Second Coming - an Introduction

When will Jesus return? How will we recognize the second coming of Christ? In this sermon, Martyn Lloyd-Jones preaches a message on the second coming of Jesus Christ. There is much confusion over what the second coming refers to, and some argue about it's timing. Did the second coming happen at Pentecost? Did it happen when the temple was destroyed in AD 70? Or will it happen in the future? The coming of Christ is a topic all throughout Scripture— some have said that one in every thirteen verses refer to this, with those referring to His second coming being eight-times more frequent than those about His birth! Why is it so important to understand this doctrine? Lloyd-Jones explains that this doctrine is one of the most important for the church, especially since it was used by Paul and the other early apostles to encourage Christians to persevere in the face of persecution. However, The Doctor also issues a warning to those who undertake a study of this subject— to take topics in Scripture that are unclear and make them belief requirements to be a Christian is to abuse the Word of God. Listen as Lloyd-Jones teaches on the second coming of Christ and addresses issues that arise when studying this topic!