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The Trumpets

What do the trumpets in Revelation stand for? Why are they in the book? How can we apply their messages to our lives today? In this sermon by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, we learn more about these symbols from the Book of Revelation. The trumpet series begins as a result of prayers, and it is interesting to note that they affect only one-third of the things they afflict. This is contrary to the seals of Revelation, which afflict things as a whole. What do the trumpets represent? They represent what happens to those who persecute God’s people. Many times when people are punished for their sin, it is easy to think that it is all a coincidence, but The Doctor makes certain that we do not make that mistake, reminding us that these calamities in Revelation are sent by God Himself. This is important to remember because it is a reminder that God will judge those who have afflicted His people. Just like the plagues of Egypt, the trumpets in Revelation serve as a warning that God sees the trouble of His people and will seek justice for them. Finally, are these trumpets meant to be taken and understood literally? Lloyd-Jones shows us why this is not the case and how to best interpret these symbols of Revelation!