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A Right Approach

Book of John

A Sermon on John 5:41

I do not receive glory from people. (ESV)

Jesus does not want the praise of men. He makes this very statement in John 5:41 where he states, “I do not receive glory from people.” What are we to make of this statement of Jesus? As Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones plumbs the depths of John 5:41, he carefully answers this question. This statement, set in the context of John 5 where Jesus had performed a powerful miracle, made powerful claims about his identity and proclaimed a powerful truth to confront the Jews’ unbelief. Now, in verse 41, Dr. Lloyd-Jones unpacks this statement of Jesus teaching: the Jews took the wrong approach to Jesus. The Jews only offered honor to a well-known teacher or political leader in an earthly since. Jesus does not want this honor from men. This is the wrong approach. On the other hand, Jesus desires the honor of men, the worship and praise of men, to be compelled by his true identity as the Son of God, sent from the Father, fully God and fully divine. This is the praise he wants from men. How can man give him this praise? How can man take the right approach to worshiping Jesus? In this sermon, Dr. Lloyd-Jones answers these questions, teaching us the right approach to honor the Lord Jesus Christ.