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By Free Grace Alone

Book of Romans

A Sermon on Romans 3:24

and are justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, (ESV)

Just as a prisoner needs to pay a price to obtain freedom, we sinners also need to pay a ransom for our freedom. However, the Lord in His kindness has paid our price and given us freedom! Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones preaches from Romans 3:24 and breaks the verse into three parts: how we are reminded what salvation really is, how salvation becomes ours, and how it is possible for God to do this for us. In this verse, Paul is explaining that we have been justified freely by the redemption work by Jesus Christ. Because of that work, we have been declared righteous! This does not mean that we are currently righteous, just that the Lord has deemed us so. Dr. Lloyd-Jones explains that the present tense of the word justifying means that we are currently being justified. We are reminded that this salvation is a free gift to all men, both Jew and Gentile! While the law revealed our sin, God’s grace has given us a free pardon. This is all only possible because of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. The term used here is the same term as a prisoner being set free; Christ has set us free from the slavery of sin!