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The Mechanics of Interpretation

Book of Romans

A Sermon on Romans 5:12

Death in Adam, Life in Christ

Therefore, just as sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sinned— (ESV)

How can we be sure of the meaning of Scripture? Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones begins this message by giving out a few tips for proper reading and studying of the Bible. Since Paul began this verse with the word “therefore,” Dr. Lloyd-Jones draws our attention back to the previous messages and shows how Paul is going to tie things together. In the chapters leading up to this passage, Paul has emphasized that all men fall under the wrath of God because all have sinned. Why is this so? It is because we are all united as one in Adam. Because of what happened in the Garden of Eden, we are all guilty of sin and born into sin. In the same exact manner, because of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, we are not only saved by Christ but we are saved in Christ. There have been two great heads to the human race: Adam and Jesus Christ. In Adam, we all sinned, and in Christ, we have all been saved. As Christians, we should be so thankful that we have not only been saved from the impending wrath but we are also engrafted into Christ’s body. While we were once enemies, we are now safe and secure in Christ!