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Spiritual Depression

Spiritual Depression

Series Summary

In 1954, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones preached on a subject that few other preachers cover: sermons on depression. Dr. Lloyd-Jones veered from his customary practice of preaching through books of the Bible verse by verse in order to preach this sermon series. The origin of the series is referenced by Iain Murray in the second volume of his authorized biography of Dr Lloyd-Jones, “The Fight of Faith”:

“I got up one morning, washed and was still half-dressed when quite suddenly that verse came to me, ‘Why art thou cast down, O my soul? And why art thou disquieted in me? Hope thou in God…’ There and then some seven or eight skeletons of sermons came to my mind on the subject of Spiritual Depression. I rushed down to my study to put them on paper and so powerful was the impression that I knew I had to do this series before Ephesians. I am not surprised it was so used. It was a pure gift.” (Iain H. Murray, The Fight of Faith, Edinburgh, Banner of Truth, 1990, p. 259)

This essential collection of 24 sermons on depression was the result. Delivered in a post-war world of unrest and grief, this extremely helpful collection of sermons on depression by Martyn Lloyd-Jones are both as timeless as its topic and the trust we can place in Jesus to renew our spirits.

Included in this collection are the 14 sermons Dr. Lloyd-Jones used to create his book, Spiritual Depression — a book which has become a Christian classic — as well as 10 unique sermons on depression that can only be found here. Listen as Martyn Lloyd-Jones divulges both the true root of depression from the biblical worldview, and the true solution to all ailments of mind, body, and spirit in these 24 sermons on depression.

Sermons on Depression