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Top 10 Lloyd-Jones Sermons of 2023

Dive into Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones's enduring wisdom with the Top 10 Sermons of 2023

Following is a curated collection of listener favorites from 2023. Though delivered years ago, these sermons continue to resonate with modern audiences, their timeless biblical truths still challenging and inspiring believers on their faith journeys.

From captivating explorations of biblical passages to profound insights into diverse themes, each sermon offers a window into Dr. Lloyd-Jones's powerful intellect and unwavering faith. Discover below why his teachings remain a vital force in contemporary Christian thought, shaping lives and guiding hearts even today.

  1. 1"Ananias and Sapphira" from Acts 5:1-11 on MLJ Trust, takes a look at God's stern judgment on Ananias and Sapphira for deceiving the Holy Spirit. Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones explores how this narrative reveals God's active role in our world and affirms the existence of a supernatural realm filled with angels, demons, and the devil, as described in the Bible. The sermon delves into the ongoing struggle between good and evil, and the church's mission to combat evil through the strength of God's gospel.

  2. 2"From Darkness to Light" based on Ephesians 5:14, discusses the transformative impact of the gospel. It calls Christians to emerge from spiritual lethargy and shine as beacons of the gospel's light. The sermon addresses the duty of believers to exemplify Christ in the world, underscoring how the gospel challenges and changes people, stirring them to embrace the Lord and be a light amid darkness.

  3. 3"Where is Your Faith?" on Luke 8:22-25 at MLJ Trust deals with spiritual unease, focusing on the disciples' distress during a sea storm. Dr. Lloyd-Jones emphasizes the importance of faith in Jesus during life's tumultuous moments, critiquing the tendency to live in fear and despair. He points out that faith is something we need to actively cultivate, reassuring listeners that Jesus cares and brings peace. The sermon encourages reliance on God's benevolence, despite life's obstacles.

  4. 4"What is the Good News?" from Luke 4:18-19, delves into the core of Christianity, as Jesus announces His mission to bring hope to the poor and sight to the blind. Dr. Lloyd-Jones highlights Jesus' healing as a metaphor for spiritual awakening available to those who recognize their need for Christ. The sermon also stresses that understanding Christianity comes from Jesus and His teachings, not just from tradition or cultural norms.

  5. 5"Deliverance to the Captives" on Luke 4:17-19 discusses the concept of spiritual captivity, central to the gospel's message. Dr. Lloyd-Jones preaches about Jesus' mission to rescue people from sin, depicting God's intervention in a fallen world. The sermon brings to light that salvation not only frees individuals from sin but also renews them, fostering a pursuit of righteousness. It emphasizes the importance of faith, resisting sin, and seeking godliness, presenting the message of grace and salvation through Christ.

  6. 6"Repentance and Salvation" on Isaiah 1:10, Dr. Lloyd-Jones explores repentance and its necessity for everyone. He describes repentance as a profound reevaluation of one's beliefs, particularly about eternity, and a shift in perspective about Christ. It involves abandoning self-reliance and fully surrendering to God and His word. True repentance is characterized by a genuine turnaround from sin towards following the Lord.

  7. 7"The Loss of All Things" from Philippians 3:7-8 discusses how Christians perceive loss as gain in Christ. Dr. Lloyd-Jones talks about the dramatic shift in values and priorities upon accepting Christ, where worldly achievements become trivial compared to Christ's immeasurable worth. The sermon highlights this transformation to a new way of life, marked by peace from knowing salvation and reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ.

  8. 8"Labourers in The Vineyard" on Matthew 20:1-16 addresses the natural human inclination to complain and feel entitled, especially among longstanding believers. Dr. Lloyd-Jones uses the vineyard workers' parable to illustrate how dissatisfaction often stems from forgetting grace's role in our lives. The sermon encourages Christians to undertake their journey of faith without complaint, recognizing the continual grace in their lives.

  9. 9"The Gospel of God" on Romans 1:1 delves into the true nature of the gospel. Dr. Lloyd-Jones explains that the gospel is more than a set of rules or moral guidance – it's a declaration of God's actions, involving the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He emphasizes understanding the gospel as a joint effort of the Trinity, announcing the good news of their collective work.

  10. 10"Sin and Self-Deceit" on 1 Samuel 15:22-23 looks at Saul's story, who justified his disobedience to God. Dr. Lloyd-Jones highlights that Saul's actions mirror the common tendency to rationalize sin. The sermon underscores that obedience is more valued than sacrifice and stresses the necessity of genuine repentance and trust in Jesus for salvation. The key message is that through Christ's sacrifice, a path to righteousness and salvation is offered to humanity.