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Made Nigh

Book of Ephesians

A Sermon on Ephesians 2:13

But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ. (ESV)

Everyone has a past. It is often painful to look back on our lives. We see the suffering our sin has caused others and how it offends a holy and righteous God. But if we are to recognize God’s power in salvation “looking back” is an important ingredient. The other ingredient, says Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, is to consider our current position because of God’s power. The Apostle Paul remarkably does this with just one word. He does it with the word: but. This word brings relief to the believer in Christ. This word points to the utter contrast between the old life and the new life in Christ. It also points to the separation between the believer and the unbeliever. Lloyd-Jones explores this contrast by looking at the details of the New Covenant. We must not think that the absolute nature of the contrast is only true for those who were “really” bad before Christ. No, the difference between a Christian and a non-Christian is an absolute difference whether you grew up in a respectable environment or the gutters of life. Listen as the Doctor takes a close look at the remarkable promises of the New Covenant.