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The Spirit of Christ

Book of Ephesians

A Sermon on Ephesians 5:21

submitting to one another out of reverence for Christ. (ESV)

We love others because we are loved by God! This profound and simple truth is unpacked by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones as he exposits Ephesians 5:21. The whole of the Christian life is to be motivated by the love of God for all that he is and has done. Christians have received all the blessings and mercies of God in Christ, and they have been forgiven of all sins and cleansed from all unrighteousness by the blood of Christ. It is this great truth that is at the center of all that Christians do, for all that Christians do should be done out of love. Dr. Lloyd-Jones then gives a special caution to those who have been given authority by God such as husbands and elders; they must exercise authority as ones who have been saved by the grace of God. It is this emphasis on love that separates Christianity from all other religions, philosophies, political ideologies. For Christianity alone grounds all that we do as a response to the gracious love of God. It does not see authority and power as something to serve the self, but ultimately all things are for God and his Kingdom. And this power is not to be lorded over others, but all are to be submissive to one another in the church. It is this great life of love that sets Christians apart from all others.