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The Book of Acts

The Book of Acts

Series Summary

Dr. Lloyd-Jones’s sermon series on the Book of Acts is comprised of 119 sermons, plus 24 other sermons preached at Westminster Chapel on the book of Acts. This series of sermons were preached on Sunday …


Sermons on

Book of Acts

The God of Glory Visits Abraham

Volume 4 Acts 7:1-2

What is God’s plan for the Christian’s life? To what extent will the Christian follow God’s leading? These are hard questions that Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones answers as he studies God’s call on Abraham and the covenant He made. In this sermon from Acts 7:1–2 titled “The God of Glory Visits Abraham,” the listener hears how God demonstrates His ability to act in the world to accomplish His purposes and bring about His will for the world. God brought Abraham out of a pagan land that does not worship or serve Him and through this He makes a new people, the descendants of Abraham and all who would believe in God. Christianity is a religion concerning what God has done in time and history and what He continues doing. He actively works to bring about redemption of the whole world through the work of Christ on the cross. He is not like an idle deity of the pagan gods, but He is both able and willing to call and lead His people. He does all this in the world so that sinners may be saved from the judgement they deserve. The world does not know this peace or plan of salvation. The world seeks to enact nothing more than moral reform but God is working to bring about redemption of every aspect of reality by his Son, Christ Jesus. The listener is encouraged to look to God as the great Savior who works all things together, according to His sovereign plan.

The Futility of Humanism

Volume 4 Acts 7:17-20

If the world’s problems could be fixed by legislation, moral reform, and education, there is no doubt humanity would have done it. However, as Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones preaches from Acts 7:17–20 in the sermon “The Futility of Humanism,” while humans claim to be progressing, there is no end to worldwide conflict, war, poverty, and strife. Instead of turning to God in repentance, the world wants only to find relief from the symptoms of sin and the common struggles of humankind. The world wants to believe that there is nothing beyond matter and motion. This is the failed humanistic thinking of the enlightenment idea of religion that holds God and sin as nothing more than intellectually dubious at best, and destructive to humanity at worst. But as Dr. Lloyd-Jones proclaims, there is nothing new about the humanist unbelief, or this so-called scientific worldview. For all unbelief is really nothing more than the outworking of a sinful heart. All rejection of the historical facts of Christianity are not the result of intellectual reflection, but of blind and prejudiced unbelief. As history has shown, human endeavors to bring about moral transformation and world peace always end in abysmal failure. This is no less true in modern times, for without the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit working in the hearts of fallen sinners, no lasting and true transformation can take place.