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The Book of Romans

Series Summary

Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones’s sermon series on the book of Romans were preached to the congregation at Westminster Chapel in the heart of central London on Friday evenings between October 1955 to March 1968. These sermons …



Sermon Series

Learning the Lessons from Israel’s History

Volume 10 Romans 10:18-21

How could it be that the foolish and ignorant Gentiles would predominately receive the gospel, whereas God’s chosen people, the Jews, would predominately reject the gospel? Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones has been tracing the apostle Paul’s argument through Romans, seeking to answer this query following the inspired text of Scripture itself. In this sermon on Romans 10:18–21 titled “Learning the Lessons,” he transitions from exposition to application of the many exegetical principles he has established in earlier messages. Dr. Lloyd-Jones notes the important role in the personal application of Scripture, which many of the Jews in Paul’s day missed. Furthermore, he traces the history of the church as illustrative of “dead orthodoxy” that abandons the Lord Jesus Christ and persecutes His church. The answer to such alarming tendency of so-called “Christians” persecuting the church is a posture of self-examination and returning to the ultimate authority – the word of God. Dr. Lloyd-Jones asks the church to remain open to the scrutiny of Scripture, remaining humble before it and others, while rightly handling the whole of the Bible. Listen to this vital message from Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones as he cautions the church to take serious the tragedy of the Jews, not merely as a historical interest, but more importantly as a means of God’s grace in the life of His people.