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Christmas Sermons

Series Summary

Over the course of his ministry at Westminster Chapel, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones delivered many Christmas sermons. The Christmas sermons offered here are delivered in the clear, expository preaching style for which Dr. Lloyd-Jones was known …


The Magnificat 1

Luke Luke 1:46-55

Is Christmas really that important? Does the story of Christ’s birth really matter? In this sermon on Luke 1:46–55 titled “The Magnificat I,” Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones preaches of the true significance of Christmas. Christmas is not simply to warm hearts, nor only to produce a cheerful attitude. Christmas is a time when believers in Jesus Christ must magnify the Lord their God. Through an explanation of “The Magnificat” in Luke’s passage, Dr. Lloyd-Jones aids listeners with a rich and theologically profound explanation of Mary’s song of praise upon learning she is pregnant with Jesus. One of the first points Dr. Lloyd-Jones emphasizes is Mary’s heart in forgetting herself and praising the Lord. She is humbled and grateful that the Lord would choose her to bear the Savior of the world. She is able to praise God so thoroughly because her praise is based on understanding, not simply emotion. Since she is able to understand a portion of God’s glory, her emotions correspond and she praises God. She praises God’s power, without which not a soul on this earth would be saved. She praises His holiness, without which He would not be worthy of praise. She praises His mercy, without which everyone would be condemned. In God’s precious mercy, He chose Mary to bear Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. Listen in as Dr. Lloyd-Jones helps the hearer worship God better.

The Promise Fulfilled

Matthew Matthew 1:1

Lists of names or genealogies can seem quite obscure, boring, and irrelevant. In his message on Matthew 1:1 titled “The Promise Fulfilled,” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones says the essence of the Christmas message is found in Matthew’s genealogy. If Christianity was just a teaching or philosophy then historical events in the Bible would not matter. If Christianity was merely a new outlook on life, then dates would be no concern. Since Christianity is based upon and concerned with the person of Christ, one can recall that there was a given day when Christ was born. Because Christians are concerned with a person and not just a teaching, they remember that this event really did happen. Take away the event and Christ is taken away. Take away Christ and there is no Christianity. Dr. Lloyd-Jones highlights the names of David and Abraham in the genealogy in order to connect the coming of the Messiah with the Old Testament promises. The essence of the Christmas message can be summarized in the fulfillment of these two promises, says Dr. Lloyd-Jones. In God’s covenant with David, He establishes that it is through His posterity that His universal kingdom will be fulfilled. Through Abraham, God commits Himself to the salvation of the nations. Dr. Lloyd-Jones calls listeners to reflect upon the Christmas season and find comfort in the fulfillment of the promises of God. Listen as Dr. Lloyd-Jones bring the message of comfort and joy in the fulfillment of Old Testament promises.

Those days ...

Luke Luke 2:1

Every Christmas season a battle rages. For Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones the battle rages over the historical facts about the birth of Christ. While many deny the facts of Christmas altogether, Dr. Lloyd-Jones says there is a much more dangerous message distributed among the culture during the Christmas season. It is a message which says that it does not matter whether the Son of God actually was born in a particular location and in a particular year. Whether the birth of Christ is true or historical makes no difference at all because we can still say we have a noble teaching in the Christmas story, and it can still help people have a better life. This psychologizing of the Christmas message, says Dr. Lloyd-Jones, sounds wonderful, but in the end it is the most hopeless message the world has ever heard. Why? Because sinful humanity is left with nothing but an exhortation to live a moral life. But the historical, biblical facts of the Christian Gospel is about what God has actually done in time through the Son of God. In this Christmas Day sermon, Dr. Lloyd-Jones expounds the relationship of the Lord Jesus Christ to time, emphasizing that the Son of God was before time, manifested in time, come late in time, in the fullness of time, is himself the center of time, and will come back to end time! Listen as Dr. Lloyd-Jones battles for the true Christmas message in this sermon on Luke 2:1.