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Itinerant Preaching

Series Summary

A collection of 85 sermons that Martyn Lloyd-Jones preached between 1957 and 1980 at various churches and colleges; outside of his main ministry at Westminster Chapel.


Training for the Ministry

London Theological Seminary

In this sermon titled “Training for Ministry,” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones shares his vision for the theological training of pastors and preachers at the inaugural address for the London Theological Seminary in 1977. In his day, theological training had veered off course as the curriculum had been shaped by liberal theology. As the scholastic movement produced well-known universities, a heavy emphasis on philosophy and intellectualism had eclipsed the training of pastors for churches. A new institution for theological training was needed. The Christian church has a long history of training ministers for the gospel. As Dr. Lloyd-Jones surveys the Christian history of producing preachers, he laments the poor education that this modern era has produced. There must be a reconsideration of training ministers, a training that produces preachers of the gospel. Preachers, not mere teachers, must be trained. Teachers merely impart knowledge, but preachers seek to bring the whole Bible alive, proclaiming the great message, remembering that people have hearts as well as heads. These men must not be mere professionals but pastors who can lead God’s people. Additionally, training must be church-based. Dr. Lloyd-Jones argues that churches must have the confidence of these men and remain in contact with them throughout their training. Listen in as Dr. Lloyd-Jones’s vision unfolds in the opening of a new seminary.

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