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Sermons on the Kingdom of God

Series Summary

What is the kingdom of God and how does one enter into it? Does the kingdom of God reign on earth, as it does in the hearts of christians? Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones answers these questions and more in this 8 sermon series on the kingdom of God.

In this collection, Dr. Lloyd-Jones delves into the biblical teachings on the kingdom of God, providing a comprehensive understanding of its nature and purpose. He addresses the Christian call to spread the gospel to all nations, the fallacy of social reform, and what the true manifestation of the kingdom of God looks like amongst other topics.

Discover the wisdom and truth that Dr. Lloyd-Jones has to offer in these 8 sermons on the kingdom of God, and gain a deeper understanding of this central aspect of Christian theology, as he explores how the kingdom of God relates to the church, to individuals, and to the world at large.