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Sermon #5704

A New Heaven and a New Earth

A Sermon on Revelation 21:1


Revelation 21:1 ESV KJV
Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. (ESV)

Sermon Description

The idea of Christian hope is criticized by the world as a mere fantasy. It seems foolish to many because of the proliferation of wars, chaos, and political tension across the globe. In this sermon on Revelation 21:1 titled “A New Heaven and a New Earth,” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones teaches that hope is a main characteristic of the gospel itself and is the message of the Bible. Hope is an anchor for souls in the midst of chaos, not a reason for cynicism and disbelief. It is both optimistic and pessimistic at the same time. It is pessimistic as it reveals to the truth of the human condition. In stark and realistic terms, the Bible gives the diagnosis of the human heart as sinful and separated from God. This condition is true of every leader in the world. This is true but this is not where believers are left. The Bible gives an explanation for the human condition and also gives the hope of a new heaven and new earth where sorrow and sin are no more. Dr. Lloyd-Jones encourages hearts in this sermon with the reminder that the gospel is immediately pessimistic but ultimately, and gloriously, optimistic. Listeners are reminded to set their eyes on the things of heaven as they await the new heaven and new earth.

Sermon Breakdown

  1. The Christian message is one of hope. It is the only real hope in the world.
  2. The vast majority of people do not believe or accept the Christian message because it is so different from what they know and believe. There are many reasons given for rejecting the Christian faith, but they contradict each other.
  3. The Christian message faces the facts as they really are. The Bible gives an utterly realistic picture of human nature and the human condition. It does not flatter humanity.
  4. The Bible alone provides an adequate explanation for the human condition. It traces the problem of sin back to the Fall and man's rebellion against God.
  5. The Bible exposes the futility of the false hopes that the world uses to comfort itself. The world's optimism is misplaced and vain. What has been will be. Human nature does not change.
  6. The gospel is more pessimistic than any human philosophy, but it is also more optimistic. Its pessimism is profound, but its optimism is greater. The gospel is immediately pessimistic but ultimately optimistic.
  7. The gospel message denounces the world's false pessimism and fatalism. The world's pessimism leads only to despair, cynicism, and selfishness.
  8. The gospel promises a new heaven and a new earth. The present world will pass away, but God will create a new world without sin or suffering.
  9. For now, the gospel promises that individuals can be made new in this present world. Those in Christ can face life with a new perspective and joy independent of circumstances.
  10. To inherit the new heaven and new earth, one must be thirsty for God and turn to him in faith. Unbelievers will face judgment.

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