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Sermon #5095

Has Christianity Failed?

A Sermon on “will he find faith on earth?” from Luke 18:8


Luke 18:8 ESV KJV
I tell you, he will give justice to them speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” (ESV)

Sermon Description

Has Christianity failed? In this sermon on the question “will he find faith on earth?” from Luke 18:8 titled “Has Christianity Failed?” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones shares that many critics of Christianity say that after nearly two thousand years since the establishment of Christianity, the world is still full of strife and conflict. The world is still full of war, poverty, and crime. Modern history has shown that, if anything, the world is only getting worse. What does all this mean for the claims of Christianity? Dr. Lloyd-Jones shows that the troubles of the world do not constitute an argument against the claims of Christianity as Christianity never claimed to solve all the world’s problems here and now. At the center of Christianity is Christ who died upon the cross in order to save sinners from the wrath of God and make them inheritors of eternal life in the age to come. In fact, the Bible teaches that people are fundamentally sinners who hate God and oppose His law. It is only by the gospel that they can ever be transformed. Christianity never claims that this world will be made perfect by the church, but what it does teach is that Jesus Christ will return on the last day, and He will make all things right.

Sermon Breakdown

  1. The world is in a desperate condition. People are perplexed and don't know what to do.
  2. The Bible offers an answer and solution to the problems of the world. It provides hope.
  3. Some refuse to face the problems of the world and live carefree lives.
  4. Some rely on human wisdom, power, and wealth to solve problems but these do not work.
  5. The tragedy is that while people struggle, the solution (the Bible) is ignored. Why is this?
  6. Some reasons the Bible is ignored: pride, depravity, belief that an old book is irrelevant today.
  7. Another reason the Bible is ignored: the belief that Christianity has already failed.
  8. This belief is wrong. Christianity has not brought the world to its current state. The opposite is true.
  9. The world's problems exist because people have rejected Christianity and its teachings.
  10. If everyone lived according to the Bible, many of the world's major problems would be solved.
  11. Christianity has been the most civilizing force in history. It has positively impacted society in many ways.
  12. The idea that Christianity has failed is based on a false understanding of its purpose and mission.
  13. Christianity has never promised to: reform the world, end war, solve social problems, make society perfect.
  14. Non-Christian philosophies and leaders have promised to solve the world's problems but have failed.
  15. Christianity's purpose is to save individuals from sin and judgement, not remake society.
  16. Jesus came to seek and save the lost, not reform society or end war. He dealt with individuals.
  17. God has a plan for the world that centers on Jesus. Jesus came to start a new humanity and kingdom.
  18. God's plan is being carried out. People are still being added to God's kingdom. The plan will culminate in Jesus' return.
  19. At Jesus' return, He will judge the world, destroy evil, and establish a new perfect world with His followers.
  20. The question is where do you stand in relation to God's plan? Your biggest concern should be your own soul, not the world's problems.
  21. Though the world is doomed, you can be saved through faith in Jesus. This is the hope Christianity offers.

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