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Sermons on Wisdom

Series Summary

Discover the keys to decision-making, discernment, and the art of godly living through this collection of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones' timeless sermons on wisdom. Delving deep into biblical text and what it means to be truly wise, these sermons on wisdom offer a treasure trove of spiritual insights that will shape your life for years to come.

Fixing godly wisdom as the centerpiece, these powerful and engaging sermons on wisdom unravel the secrets to living a wise, righteous, and purposeful life in today's complex world. While masterfully blending spiritual truths with the authority of scripture in these sermons on wisdom, Dr. Lloyd-Jones discusses the fallacy of trusting worldly wisdom over God’s, and the profound spiritual guidance we can find through scripture and the Holy Spirit for navigating life’s challenges.

After all, the fundamental problem with humankind’s solutions, Dr. Lloyd-Jones preaches in these sermons on wisdom, is that humankind’s solutions originate in the human mind. God’s solution transcends human reason and offers the only hope for humanity’s salvation — begging the ultimate question: “what do you put your trust in?”