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Tributes to Dr. Lloyd-Jones

Series Summary

In this special collection by MLJ Trust, we honor the profound impact of the Welsh minister in these three tributes to Dr. Lloyd Jones. Including a special memorial sermon and messages delivered by Dr. Martyn …


Tribute to Dr. Lloyd-Jones by his eldest daughter, Elizabeth Catherwood

In this tribute to her father, delivered at the Evangelical Library in London, Lady Elizabeth Catherwood fondly recounts Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones's strong affinity to books and reading. She begins by recalling some of her memories of her father, who always had a book in his hand. She recalls a beach holiday, where all her family was playing and enjoying the sun, sand and water in beach attire, but her father was fully clothed in a suit, sitting quietly by a rock reading “The Divine Imperative”. “Everyone took reading as a part of him” she states. Lady Elizabeth then goes on to list some books and aspects of reading that Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones disliked: paperbacks, digest and encyclopedias, over-concentration on “style” in books, agonizing over words, novels, and wrong intention for reading. Next, she lists the positive aspects of Dr. Lloyd-Jones’s reading such as his phenomenal memory, the amazing breadth and depth of his reading, his ability to point out dangers in books, and the variety in his reading (both basic and elaborate). She then expands on Dr. Lloyd-Jones’s favorite genres to read, that being Welsh hymns (as he was "a true Welshman"), church history, biographies, and of course, the Bible. To end her tribute, she speaks on how her father had confidence in his faith on his death bed. He had fought a good fight. He had finished his race.