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Sermons on Knowledge

Series Summary

Martyn Lloyd-Jones' sermons on knowledge address a crucial aspect of the Christian faith: the importance of true knowledge. In a time when information is plentiful but true wisdom is scarce, Dr. Lloyd-Jones reminds us in this collection of 10 sermons on knowledge that the Bible teaches that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Without a proper understanding of God and His sovereignty, we cannot truly understand the world around us or live fulfilling lives.

Dr. Lloyd-Jones' sermons on knowledge explore the various aspects of this topic, from the difference between knowledge and wisdom to the dangers of false knowledge. He shows us how the pursuit of knowledge can be a spiritual endeavor that deepens our relationship with God and equips us to live out our faith in the world. Through these 10 sermons on knowledge, we can gain a greater appreciation for the power of true knowledge and the importance of seeking it in our lives. Find the fount of all knowledge and experience divine truth in this collection of sermons on knowledge by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.